Unseen Beings, My Experience

Angels, they are constantly with us and even though unseen, ever present. They do manifest themselves in our presence, it times. The Bible tells us they are immediately present in our midst. They were also constantly present in the Bible, mentioned over 250 times and always manifested. According to God’s word they have assignments not only in the past but also in our day today. How interesting that they brought the words about what we celebrate at Christmas time, the birth of Jesus. The scriptures ask the question, “Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?” The Bible also answers “YES” to the question and points out that it is for today as well.

Since the beginning of time we seem to have been intrigued with angels, wanting to “see” them, wanting to know more about them. Before looking at what God’s word says about them, I would like to refer you back to an article I wrote on April 10th. It is called “Our Warrior Angels” and you can find it as you scroll through my posts. It is an example of Gods intervention into Satan’s plans for destruction in our lives. I would also like to share another encounter with God’s Angelic hosts that took place when our ministry was just starting. God had many times over our early years spoke into our lives that we would be blessed with a healing and prophetic ministry. This was a time of birthing for the prophetic word of God to be shared with me.

I was in my office about midnight, doing some reading and praying. I felt the presence of God in an overpowering way. I began to hear the faint sound of what appeared to be humming, but it had a melody to it. It slowly increased in strength and became more distinct. My office door was to my left and as I sat there, I could see Angelic forms begin to waft or drift into my office. This continued until many of them filled the office. The melodic hum became the sound of the beating of wings. It was magnificent, it was mesmerizing, I was frozen to my chair. At this point God began to pour forth a prophetic word into my spirit and mind. I turned to the computer and in minutes His word was on paper. He has been faithful in continuing to drop His word into my spirit since that night.

Psalms 103:20-21 says this about the fivefold ministry of Angels. “Bless the Lord, you His angels, who excel in strength, who do His word, heeding the voice of His word. Bless the Lord, all you His hosts, you ministers of His who do His pleasure.” Let’s look at some interesting information about these celestial beings.

In Job they are called “Morning Stars.” In Genesis and several other books, they are referred to as “Armies.” In Judges, Isaiah, and other books it talks of them being created of different orders. It says they appear in different forms, depending upon their order of creation. Angels are a structured society with different levels of authority, some are even given influence over nations and national issues. The book of Acts says they are active in building God’s kingdom on Earth by delivering messages. That has certainly been my experience. Psalms tells us that we each have an Angel that watches over us. They are Immortal and they worship God, they are obedient, but they are not to be worshipped. There must be plenty to go around because the Bible says the are innumerable. The activity of Angels helps to move the church forward. 2 Peter says they are examples of meekness and 2 Samuel says they are wise. Think about this, 1 Corinthians says that they are to be judged by men. That is amazing, God trusts men to judge the Angels.

So, they were created to announce, inform, protect, do warfare, guide, worship, minister, bring revelation and many other tasks as representatives of God. Revelation chapter 12 tells us about “fallen” Angels, those that had their minds and understanding covered in terrible deception causing them to be part of Satan’s rebellion. That is the same tactic Satan tries to serve to the world today. Read Isaiah 14:12-14, it tells about how Lucifer fell into pride and spoke “5” I will statements to God and how God in return spoke “5” responses to him.

We can take comfort that God has us in mind at every twist and turn in the road ahead. His provision is waiting for us, we need to trust and reach out in a time of need. God knew this moment in time would arrive, receive what He has in store for you in this hour of turmoil.

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