Explosive Prayer

Have you noticed how much more you are having people ask you to pray for them or for circumstances lately. In the last couple of months our world has been turned upside down and it is interesting that our understanding changes in these kind of times. We suddenly find a need to see if God is available for a consultation. We need to be in constant relationship with Him and not just trying to schedule an appointment while in crisis mode. I call this explosive prayer, the kind that you only call on when things are blowing up all around you. Explosive prayers come without the calm assurance of who God is. They do not allow us to rest in His presence and soak up His Glory in worship. Why can't we just spend time in Gods garden, walking side by side, sharing with Him one on one. There are some very good reasons we never think about or realize that make intimate communion with God so important.

The medical profession and research has shown that prayer is very helpful for your heart. It helps regulate your heartbeat, makes it stronger and less stressful. It has actually been shown that it quickens recovery from heart surgery in many cases. Prayer gives us hope and hope is great for the mind. It tends to lift us up, not drag us down. Sometimes prayer will give us a fresh sense of direction in our lives. Prayer can heal the past and help us look forward to a better tomorrow. If we don't daily talk with our family and friends the relationship grows sour. If we don't have a daily prayer channel open with God our relationship with Him grows sour also. It forces us into that explosive prayer time that only comes at the critical moment of our crisis.

Jesus was continually praying to the Father. We are called to be Christ like, we are made in His image. If that's true don't you suppose that we should have the same "talk time" with the Father. Start your day with prayer and end your day with prayer. What an impact it will have in your life. Nothing eloquent, just that one on one conversation you would have with your best friend. That's who He wants to be, your best friend. The One you turn to for every detail of your life. We are making ourselves available to pray and minister to others through this Blog Site. Click on the "Get Prayer" button at top right of the Home Page and it will give you details. For those in the USA and Canada we will try to respond and pray for you personally by phone. For all other places we will respond in prayer by email. Let others you know that need that little "prayer boost" how to get it here.

Blessings and have a great day.

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