Whose Turf Is It?

What is it about the "Home Team?" If you have ever played any kind of sports you quickly learn that in almost all cases the "Home Team" has an advantage simply because they are playing on their own turf. There is an important lesson to be learned here that we can apply to our daily lives. Does our daily walk with the Lord reflect whose turf we have been hanging around in and standing on? Does the turf we tend to gravitate to in the natural have any effect on the outcome of our spiritual battles? If the "Home Team" has the advantage why do we place ourselves on the enemies turf so often? It doesn't happen by accident, it happens by choice. Our choice to place ourselves just beyond the line that is drawn between the home teams turf and the turf of the other team.

When we face every challenge on the turf of our "Home Team" we have the upper hand on the enemy. We allow ourselves the luxury of facing the challenge in familiar territory. We can rely on past experience that has brought us victory in surroundings that we are comfortable in, trusting in. We don't find ourselves groping around in search of what we need for the conflict, hoping that we will find them in a place that may be similar to what we are used to on our own turf. There is a confidence that grows larger and larger as we know we have support from those that also are present in our "Home Team" environment. Guess what folks, God is a part of our "Home Team" turf. When we step from our turf onto the turf of our opponent God doesn't leave us. The key is only stepping onto the opponent's turf when directed to do so by God, not when we just feel like we want to explore the other sides turf. Too many times we just give in to the temptation to see the enemies turf. We have all kinds of reasons for doing so, most of them because of deceptions of what we perceive to be there and sometimes because we find it hard to stay on our own turf long enough to become familiar in it and find the peace that comes from being at rest there.

I find it interesting that the Bible is full of illustrations of those that walked onto the enemies turf on their own and suffered by the choice they made. Look at Samson, he chose to walk onto the enemy's turf, hoping to take the strength of his own turf with him in the beginning. He spent so much time there that I am sure he thought he had become wise in not being influenced or surrendered to the enemies turf. He began to feel comfortable on the enemy's turf. He was sure that he had learned how to survive there. You know, in sports we are many times impressed with the visiting team's turf. We often look at the facilities they have as far superior to ours, better equipped and newer, even affording those that train there to have greater opportunities to succeed in every venture. We often feel we are losing a once in a lifetime chance to grasp onto better turf.

Does God really mean it when He calls for us to stand on our own turf and not that of the enemies? He calls for us to be separate unto Him and that should put us squarely on the turf of the "Home Team." Small compromises in our lives cause us to have to do battle on the opponent's turf. You see, the opponents know all of the design flaws of their own facilities. They have played there far longer than you have, they know every pitfall. They know just where to have you follow them so you will step in the wrong place, onto uneven ground and get you off balance. It is far easier to overcome you when you are off balance; it is then easy to hinder your forward progress. If we play almost the entire game on the enemy's turf, at their end of the field, it takes overcoming tremendous odds to be victorious. It is almost impossible to overcome the advantage the enemy has on his own turf.

Until Jesus comes again our enemy, Satan, has been given the authority to roam the earth as a roaring Lion, seeking to devour all those that he can. We must understand that he is playing on his own turf. He is in familiar territory. When we set foot into his kingdom we step onto his playing field, he has the advantage. I am not speaking here of going forth in the name of Jesus to proclaim the name of Jesus throughout the earth. God will provide for us where He sends us. I am talking about walking into the enemy's turf on our own. I am talking about thinking we can play there and still be an overcomer in a time of struggle and need. Samson was on the enemy's turf by his own desire and found himself asleep on Delilah's lap. He had gotten comfortable on the turf of the enemy. He lost his strength. He became the entertainment of the enemy and was made to toil on their turf. Sure, his hair grew back and his strength returned, but what a price he had to pay in the mean time.

Let us not wander onto the turf of the enemy by our own desires, out of curiosity wanting to know what the pleasure is on the other end of the field. The opponent knows his turf very well, you don't. God is your strength and your refuge in a time of trouble or a time of need. The grass may seem greener at the opponent's end of the field but it is still his turf, not the turf of the "Home Team." Do not partake of anything that puts you on the turf of the enemy for just like Samson you will lose your strength. The last days are upon us, is there time for your hair to once again grow to it's original length and strength?

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