You Live Where ???

Amazing how different events in life cause us to pause and give thought to the reality of life itself. I had that experience today. I had the privilege of conducting a memorial service for my brother-in-law. A sad but joyous experience since we knew his destination was heaven. While reflecting on the service my thoughts were focused on what it will be like to enter into those heavenly gates. I want to share here with you a message God gave me several years ago concerning the "New Jerusalem" that is prepared for us. It will be our final address.

We are given some amazing details about the city that will become the residence of the Saints. This city is described in Revelations 21:14-27. We find hints all through scripture but this is the main focus of this passage. God spoke to me about this message in the mid nineties so all of the values shared here are based on that time frame. As we progress through this article please take note that the theme is that Gods provisions are amazing, boundless, limitless, unbelievable and flat out mind boggling. Think God can't meet your needs today, read on and know that as a believer you inherit the Kingdom. This is your future address.

Do you ever think about how awesome God is and then your mind goes on tilt? Our human comprehension can't expand enough to grasp it! As God was communicating this message to me He said to look at it in human terms and get an insignificant glimpse of His resources. He said to calculate some of the values of His City. I am sure someone has done this many times but it was new and challenging for me. He started by telling me to figure the approximate value of a 50 by 50 foot section of the streets of gold. He also said to figure out the approximate value for one of the pearl gates, of which there are twelve. With this He said that we might barely be able to think in heavenly terms. He also made it extremely clear that finances were last on His list of resources. Before that He valued salvation, deliverance, healing, forgiveness, our future, the body, knowledge and yes, then our finances.

I had no idea how to tackle this so I called on my son-in-law who is a civil engineer to be my calculator. Thanks Mike. Scripture tells us that the City is;

about 1250 miles in length

about 1250 miles in width

about 1250 miles in height

Scripture also tells us that the streets are MADE with gold, not just paved with gold. Using Mikes experience we settled on using an 18 inch depth for a roadbed. At the then price of gold (about $350 oz.) we found the 50 x 50 chunk of road to be worth about 19 billion dollars. The 50 foot wide road around the City would equal about ten thousand times 1 trillion dollars in mid ninety values. Can God meet our needs?

By the way, wouldn't a 20 foot perfect pearl make a great gate? Not having a 20 foot pearl to use for value we took a 20 foot sphere and calculated the volume and filled it with 8mm perfect pearls. That would come to about 93 billion dollars. Times that by 12 for the gates. The scripture says that the City is made of pure gold, like glass, not just the streets. We also find that the wall around the City is about 260 feet tall and made of pure Jasper. It has 12 foundations made with precious stones. On and on we could go but I think you get the point. His provision in our lives NEVER runs out. His eternal abundance goes far beyond our finances. He has told us to fulfill and avail ourselves of His resources. He asks us to walk in obedience and righteousness according to His will to achieve this.

There are countless other hints about Gods City but I like to look at it as a new Garden of Eden. That place of living in perfection with God. The entire City is a temple of God. It will be Gods dwelling pace among those He created. Don't let the enemy of your soul continue to tell you that God can't provide for your needs. Grab hold of what is yours in Christ. Do you know that even the devil can't fathom the limitless provisions of God" That City is prepared for us, God says it is the residence of the saints!

Remember what verse 27 says: "There shall by no means enter it anything that defiles, or causes an abomination or a lie, but only those who are written in the Lamb's book of life." I don't know about you but why take a chance on not getting to your City of Gold?

Have a great day.

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